Trixie my Mixte

My love affair with my Linus Mixte started at a blog I greatly admire (thanks Unruly Things!)  After reading her post, I did a little more research on the models and was impressed by the reviews and specs. I looked up dealers in Boston and found only one, Superb Bicycle, and it just happened to be a mile away from my apartment!

So one night after work,  down I walked. I was just going to take a look one and maybe take it for a test ride…

But, it was really love at first site and ride. I knew the bike was top quality, but I was impressed by how light it was! I’m about 5′ 2″ and needed a bike I could carry up to my apartment.  The Mixte was perfect. I love its sleek design and the sky blue gives it a bit of fun.

I really don’t know what came over me that late spring evening, maybe it was the smell of summer coming or a really stressful day at work or annoyance at that darn 66 Bus commute, but my Trixie  came home with me that day and I’ve loved her ever since.

Ps. Her full name is Beatrice. I may have been listening to David Wax Museum a lot around that time…

A few items from my bike wish list:


All courtesy of Adeline Adeline (on my list of places to visit next NYC trip!)


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