Autumn, harvest, fall, fresh yummy fruits and vegetables!
Nothing makes me happier than being outdoors with friends.

(Stand, September 2010)

This past weekend I spent my birthday with a group of good friends at Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, Mass. Such a glorious and beautiful place. I grew up in the woods and often miss being able to look out at nothing but trees and animals.

(Apple, September 2010)

Sadly not a McIntosh…

My favorite apple is the McIntosh. Bitter yet sweet and juicy with a perfectly taught but tender skin, this apple is my go to staple. I’ll admit I’ve been known to put down other varieties. Some get mealy so fast (Red Delicious.) Some aren’t even red (Golden Crisp!?) And some jump into the McIntosh bin because they wish they were a McIntosh (Empire you sneaky devil.)

Yet as I’ve gotten older and more accepting of others’ differences, I have learned that there are valuable traits to all apples.  The Granny Smith combines with some nice balsamic and goat cheese to make a better salad than any McIntosh could. But, I still can’t bring myself to bake with anything but my Mc.  So this year, I’m going to do it. Due to a poor showing of Mcs by the time we got out there, I’ll be making my favorite apple pie out of Cortlands. Stay tuned for results…

If you are interested in what types of apples are good for baking, cider or apple butter check out Nashoba’s website!


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