Backyard Adventures

The Boston area has been my home for almost my entire life. Far too often I describe it as comfortable and manageable. So when I get to explore brand new places in my own backyard, I get really excited.  Working in Harvard square for the past two years you would have thought I would have wandered into Algiers at some point, but no! Until Saturday:

So beautiful inside, with two floors and few tourists! I wasn’t very adventurous with my food eating (french toast, I had a craving) so nothing to write home about. But my companions got what looked to be delicious plates heaped with hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, and tabbouli.  I’m looking forward to hauling up there to get work done next weekend.

Saturday was also the Boston Local Food Festival.

I was a bit overwhelmed when I first arrived.

But I located my friends and we got off to exploring.

There were a lot of old favorites:

and also new discoveries…

Pumpkin Soda!?

Overall a day of adventures.


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