A Little Camera Love.

I switched from film to digital photography last winter and haven’t looked back. (Sadly, my beautiful Nikon FG just sits on a shelf.) My Canon Rebel XSi is wonderful, but I am getting bored with the kit lens. I’ve got a drawer full of lenses to cameras of my past, but none have the same Canon mount. I am wary of getting adapter rings, but may just break down and do it. For now ,  I’ll be day dreaming of some new toys…

The Sigma 50mm F/1.4

I played with this lens while visiting my friend Tim in Brooklyn and fell in love with it. Plus I got some great shots of Kim baking a pie. It’s on my wish list of big purchase items, right after an iMac and before a french bulldog (I’m going to name her Lola, Frenchie or Stitch. Really sad Bacon is already taken!)

Some other fun items from Photojojo

This word bubble can only mean trouble. You can make your own with directions over at Oh Happy Day!

Ps. I got my first photo credit in a real non-school publication, The Dig.

I’m so… proud? Thanks Hil!