The Morality of Photo Editing

Editing photos is one of my favorite past times.  Ever since high school I’ve wasted many hours fidgeting with Adobe Photoshop. Lately I’ve been doing a lot more people/concert shots and thus have found the need to edit photos more often – it’s a lot easier to get train tracks to line up with the sky than a have all four members of the band face you at the same time.

I usually limit posting photos I’ve done extensive editing to. But recently I’ve reevaluated my aversion to edited photos. Looking at the photographs above, I can’t help but love how the edited photo turned out.  It still took just as much skill and understanding of composition to capture the shot, just a little fidigting (and erasing) to present the image I wanted to. I’m not presenting this picture as a complete reality, but the vision I had in my head.

What do you think about editing artistic photos? Is it another media or does it take away from photographic talent?