India at a Glance

Photos clockwise from top:
1.Star, 2.Hold, 3.Beam, 4.Beets, 5.Window, 6.Shawl, 7.Candied, 8.Triple, 9.Pattern

I have been rather absent over the past month both here and uploading photos, but with just reason. I’ve just returned from a trip to India. While the trip was for business, I was able to observe the daily beauties and challenges of the country. I was of course amazed at the beautiful colors, but more so with the number of patterns and textures resulting from the intersection of India’s many cultures.

The purpose of the trip was to evaluate an internship program for JD students that I run in my position at Harvard Law School. I met with firms, local professors and Indian students. The entire processes was challenging and exhilarating. I came away with excitement on future international collaborations tempered by the reality of cultural differences.

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