It’s often hard to sift through the masses of blogs clogging the internet to find those gems that offer unique, high quality and engaging ideas. So I’ll use my space here to highlight some of my favorite sites that fit these criteria. Less clinically, these are sites that make me giddy…. a very geeky giddy. To start a very appropriate east coast blog – Bostonography.

Run by two self proclaimed cartography geeks, the site describes itself as “…a site for interesting visual representations of life and land in Greater Boston, and at best it exposes and explores the geographical sense of place in the city.” As a map geek myself (although without any real education in the area), I am enthralled by the posts presented and the tangents that are all connected by the central idea of the map and what it means to society, particularly in the crazed mess that is Boston.

Their latest post is both thought provoking and just plain awesome. Wallace touches on the notion of what constitutes a map and then proceeds to present an image that both is and isn’t.

From a photographer’s mind, the time lapse photo is inspiring.  I’m excited to do some of my own light drawing this weekend.