1. Read: James Joyce’s Dubliners.  The picture above is actually a painting of the book with my favorite version of the cover. It’s done by Richard Baker.  Also, did you know his book Ulysses was once banned? Read about it here.
2. Watch: Waking Ned Devine. Supposedly set on the Aran Islands – Islands off the west coast of Ireland where the Joyce part of my name hails from.
3. Drink: Barry’s tea! We must be related.
4: Wear: Anthro’s Ludin Links Sweater
5. Eat: Irish Wholemeal Scones from Lisa is Cooking.
6. Plan!: Ian and I are planning a June vacation biking around western Ireland.  I am beyond excited and will follow up when our itinerary is set. Photo credit flickr: This Ordeal.

Also, I’ve got Flogging molly on repeat again.