Mellow Yellow

While it’s supposed to snow here in Mass tomorrow, I’m trying to keep the idea of sunshine in my head. As a child yellow was always my favorite color. These days I still turn to it when I need a little joy.

1. Ever since Anthorpologie opened a store in Harvard Square, I’ve had to use all of my time-to-grow-up-and-save-for-the-future restraint from buying things during lunch. After seeing this dress, I may have to accept defeat.

2. Sigh, how I miss Domino Magazine. I’ve got a clipping of this room tucked away somewhere. The happy walls and lovely Vienna chairs? It’s filed under dream house. (Photo found here)

3. Trader Joe’s have ranunculuses! I spent a good portion of my food budget on them this week. Money well spent.

4. Yellow Bikes! Isn’t this bike amazing? Click here to see what it used to look like. While I love my sky blue Linus Mixte immensely, if changing her color were as easy as clicking “new layer” in photoshop, she would be a marigold yellow. Hands down.

5. You Highlight My Life. My sister gave this to me as a birthday card once. I have a love of highlighters and color-coding. In college nothing would brighten up studying like a well highlighted page.

6. Also in my dream house: a KitchenAid stand mixer in Yellow Pepper.