Cycling on my mind

It’s been a long few months and I’m afraid ECT has suffered neglect. Time to give it some well deserved attention. I’ve just returned from a wonderful, fantastic, and adventurous vacation cycling around the ring of Kerry with Ian. I’ll put a post up on it soon, for now I’ve just had bikes on my mind…

Look: Cyclepedia!

Wallpaper features this book on iconic bicycle designs.

Read: Chic Cyclist
This blog is amusing, informative and based in Boston! Charlotte describes her blog:
This blog is intended to promote elegant transportation cycling, to complement all the blogs for cycling as a sport. I do like lycra but only for athletics. Day to day we want to look pretty!
I absolutely adore her taste in bikes and sharp eye for the unique rides in Boston.

Watch: Etsy self tune up!

Buy: Speaking of Etsy, look at these awesome products: