Bucket List: Part I

The nature of a bucket list is that it’s always evolving. Accomplishments get crossed off, new experiences add new challenges, and priorities change. Here’s a bit from mine:

Visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

Just amazing.
My dream vacation would definitely invovle a trip to Nepal and Tibet.

Run a Marathon

I wanted so badly to run a marathon before I turned twenty five, alas a knee injury at the end of college has made me hold back. I’ve done a few halves, but not the whole thing. I’m on track to run another Half this fall and a full one in the spring so let’s be optimistic with this one and say by 27.

Learn to Sail

The wind in your hair and sea at your feet!
I love the ocean and want so badly to learn the
sport of sailing. There are lots of places to learn
in Boston. I’m thinking of buying lessons for
myself next summer. (or it would make an
awesome gift… parents do you read this?)


See a Humpback Whale

I’ve been on four whale watches and have yet to see a whale in the wild. Sure I went to sea world saw Free Willy’s cousin, touched a dolphin and swore I’d never wash my hand again. But for a kid that begged for one of those adopt a whale kits for her birthday,  that’s not nearly enough.



Two major things I’ve already knocked off?

The Taj Mahal

It was beyond incredible. I never thought when I started my position at Harvard that it would lead to me seeing one of the most beautiful tributes in the world.

Stand Under the Aurora Borealis


Twice! The first time it reached all the way down to Massachusetts. Looking upon the glowing rainbow sky will always be one of my favorite memories.


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  1. These make mine look stupid… bake through Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes… See The Rolling Stones in concert… doh.

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