Cork Grips: pt 1

Alas, I’ve finally succumbed to the fact that I hate the grips on my Trixie (a Linus Mixte). The color is all wrong and after riding a bike with shellacked cork grips, I’ve decided to go that route. I’m now waiting from some to come in at my the local bike shop. I’ll do a tutorial on installing them once they arrive. Hopefully they’ll look something like Kim’s bike Sandy below.

(Ps. Happy Birthday Kim!)

While I was looking up literal cork grips I came upon this site… Cork Grips. It’s a little All Plaid Out with a heavy bike/out doors focus. Love. Links to a few of my favorite posts are below:

From Cork Grips:
British Racing Green


The Stonemasters


One thought on “Cork Grips: pt 1

  1. wow i’m famous! err, sandy anyway. thanks for the shoutout! i need to read that article you sent me. maybe it will help me to be braver about cycling in the city… poor sandy has been neglected 😦

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