The Pleasantries of Work

It is exciting being on international projects, but quite tiring (I’m only up at this hour to converse with event venues in India). Below are a few things that make work and studying a little bit more enjoyable:

Chair – I am feeling too lazy to take a photo of my favorite reading chair, but it’s very similar. A lovely mustard yellow and just wide enough for me to sit cross legged – no tufts though. I’d prefer to read lovely books in it, but it’s great for take home work too!

Gold Fibre Retro Writing Pads – These pads are top bound, perforated, lined and gridded on opposite sides. GRIDDED. All of the notebooks in Switzerland were gridded rather than lined. I love it and stocked up before leaving. This is the best replacement I’ve found in the states.

Zebra Pen – The only pen to write with. Heavy on the hand, but inexpensive.

Homegrown Mug from Anthropologie – This is the perfect mug – great for late night coffee or sleepy time tea.

Chemex Coffee Maker – I don’t know why, but I’m very bad at making coffee. It always tastes off, or did until I got this magical piece of industrial design.



4 thoughts on “The Pleasantries of Work

  1. you have a chemex??? is it really that easy? i want one for purely aesthetic reasons… but if i ever wanted to make a cuppa, i guess it would be nice to know how to use it.

  2. The Chemex is very simple. Just put in a paper filter, fill it with coffee and pour hot water over. So fast.

    Kim – get one! It would look so lovely in your kitchen, plus you can use it to make loose leaf tea too!

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