Succulents & Lamps

This has not been the most social Labor Day weekend. With my exam next week, a huge conference in India to organize by October, and applications on the horizon, it’s hard to justify staying out late. So instead… short outings with friends and fun DIY projects! Here are two things I worked on this weekend:

Rewiring a lamp: Done! I’ve had this lamp since moving to Brookline – over two years. It was a great find at one of my favorite used stuff places, Urban Renewals. Alas for two years I dealt with the finicky switch needing a gentle finger to find just the right placement to stay on and then still randomly shutting off. Finally, on a trip to the mega hardware store in the ‘burbs yesterday with my Mom, I was able to pick up supplies to rewire. It works like new!

Plant Succulents: Done!  I kill plants… usually I forget about them, under or over water them, or they just choose to die rather than listen to my singing. But these little beautiful plants are pretty death resistant. I just got three and put them in a draining pot. We’ll see how it goes…

Also, Ian and I finally ate at Thelonious Monkfish in Cambridge. Very fresh, tasty, and really really good avocado. I just wish they had a drink license.


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  1. After we killed LaFern and Shirley, Sara declared we should try a succulent. So far so good? Her friend just gave us an orchid though. I give that two more weeks max.

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