Gather Here: A Sewing Class

Look what I made!

While I’m in the midst of studying, I figured a night off was a good idea. So I signed up for a sewing class at the newish (opened less than a year ago) Gather Here. The shop is located on Broadway Street in Cambridge, just up the road from my favorite bike shop.

When you first walk in the the shop it’s dream land. So many colors, fabrics and crafty things! You might have guessed that by my taking a sewing class that I am in no way an expert sewer. As a kid, my aunt gave me her antique sewing machine, but it had no safety guard and I was too freaked out to use it. So I can’t say on how well stocked Gather Here is for advanced sewers and knitters, but the women here renting out shop time looked like they’ve been working on some complex stuff.

Back to the class…


I took the  Sewing Basics tote class. It was a 2.5 hour class from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. Pretty good timing for a post work activity. The shop supplied everything and we got to pick out our own fabric.

Of course I chose the awesome apple (and red pear…) pattern. My love of apples and the copious amounts I purchase from farmer’s markets deserves a bag to accommodate. That’s my fabric post cutting, probably the hardest part of the evening – straight lines take practice!

Our teacher was Virginia – the owner of the shop. She was just the type of teacher I like: no nonsense, but with a great sense of humor. The class was the perfect balance of learning how to use the machine, and fun. I must say using Betty (the machines all have names) was a breeze!
I really enjoyed everything about the class, it would be great to do with a group of friends. Classes fill up super fast – only four spots in mine. As soon as school applications are done, I plan on signing up for a more advanced one!

More photos of the shop here. The yarn wall and stitching lounge is amazing!