Love Notes

These cards posted by Adventure Cycling are genius. I often wish I had sticky notes with me to stick on lovely bikes (partially to find out how that did that or where they got a part…) But if I stopped to take a photo of and do a post on every beautiful bike I saw in Boston, there would be no room for anything else. That’s why I love so many bike blogs who post on lovely bikes! Especially these:

Chic Cyclist – Boston based and very witty. I love when I spy a bike she’s posted around town.

Lovely Bicycle – This site… damn. It has everything on anything you’d want to know about bicycles and the photos are fantastic. Also Boston based. I’ve used her site again and again to answer questions about my mixte.

Other Favorites:
For the Love of Bikes
Beaux-Mondes – more than just bikes, but the photos are lovely.
Vélo Vogue