I Can Sew!

Two of my best friends are getting married. While it may seem trivial, finding an outfit for this event seemed too daunting to be possible. He’s a graphic designer and my photography confidant, she’s my… design/biking/baking too many things to list soulmate. So instead of salivating over Anthropologie dresses, I decided to take my sewing skills to the next level and attempt a dress:

Very Easy Vogues’ V8725 Dress B

and for fabric? I searched and searched and finally came upon Spoonflower. How had I never discovered this amazing website – any print you could ever want. I first purchased four test patches. Three different colors of a pretty bike design and this: Coquita’s Cameras. It won by far. Did I mention I’m also doing the photography at the wedding? I’m going for a Miss Firzzle look I guess. (No worries I didn’t purchase really adorable camera earrings I found on Etsy.) I’m just putting the finishing touches on the dress now. You’ll have to wait for the wedding photos to see it!

Also this exists…. Things Miss Frizzle Would Wear. It’s almost as awesome as WWZDW.


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  1. This almost brought a tear to my eye (seriously). You are the best and the dress suits you as such. xoxo

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