Fantastic Developments

    It’s been a long crazy few weeks since I’ve last had time to share my meanderings, but the time has been well spent. Ian has taken a new position with his company in Hong Kong! And while I’ll be staying in Boston to do my MBA, I’m here now helping him get settled in.

    We’ve looked at lots of apartments so far. The views in some are incredible. Others have very unique setups that do not seem plausible for an Ian sized person.

    It is stunningly beautiful… and hot. Our relocation agent is fantastic! She took us to our first dim sum and gave us a driven tour of Hong Kong island. This experience of being taken care of and shown around is so different from our last vacation of biking around the west cost of Ireland and staying in hostels that it is comical. But we are still exploring as much as we can!

    The food has been incredible. The noodles are beyond comparison and give me a sudden urge to watch Tampopo (although then I’ll just want to go to Japan.)