The Camera Dress: Final Result

Now that I have a break between stopping work and starting grad school, I finally have time to share the camera dress!

It turned out pretty fantastically. I altered the pattern a bit to create the criss-cross straps in the back and had to take out a good 4 inches of the bodice to accommodate my very short torso. There are a few places that are not perfect, but I’m so happy with the final result.

As for the wedding I was wearing this too.. beyond spectacular. Tim & Kim out did themselves in not just their attention to detail and style, but also in making sure that every single person who came felt loved and happy to be there.

I was in charge of photographing the main event. It was a huge honor to be in charge of those photos, but also made me a nervous wreck! Thankfully I got a hold on my nerves and I think the pictures came out wonderfully. Thank goodness Tim’s friend Karen was also on camera duty. She managed to get all of the details of the wedding beautifully. Tim edited all the photos himself and made them even more beautiful.