Rocks of the Galaxy

Constell Rock 1

Constell rock

Constell Rock 3

















Don’t these rocks look like night skies of constellations? I found them while climbing a few weeks ago. They were scattered across the rocky beach and I fell in love. I keep thinking of the universe contained in Orion’s belt. Makes me miss seeing the night sky and Orion outside my childhood bedroom window. Such a comforting view. I do carry around a constellation with me – this bracelet in Pegasus as it is another comforting childhood memory, but wishing I also had one in Orion (no longer available).

Speaking of space and constellations, the two songs below are some of my favorites from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I just learned that John Cardwell has left the band. Sad that I’ll never get to hear him sing some of these songs again.

The lyrics kill me in such a good way.