Crafting in HK


This round in Hong Kong is almost up, but happily I’ll be back for winter break! I’m trying not to dwell on all I’ll miss here and looking forward to being back in Boston with my bike, McIntosh apples (the one thing HK doesn’t import), and my sewing machine (notice I’m in denial about having another year of MBA to return to…). I miss crafting! One of the few crafty things I was able to do this summer was a leather works class via the Snail Group Workshop. I signed up for the 3 hour class and chose to make a “makeup case” aka the perfect going out pouch.

IMG_0381 IMG_0386
Finding the workshop was quite the adventure. It was located in North Point on Hong Kong island in what I like to call the warehouse district – more aptly described as the abandoned warehouse district. I jest, there were plenty of people around – the type you expect to be working at a warehouse not crafty looking folks. When I arrived at the location listed on the website there was no one to be found, but there was a sign… in Cantonese. Language hasn’t really been a barrier. Thankfully a few other girls showed up for the class and explained from the sign that we had to go a few buildings down. After wandering through a few construction zones, we found it!

IMG_0389 IMG_0399

It was so much fun. Exactly the stress relief I look for with crafting – especially because you get to whack at the metal fork with a big ole’ mallet! The sewing technique was beautiful. After poking all the holes we used double needles and waxed thread. I couldn’t decided on a color scheme for mine and ended up switching colors with each new section.

I took the class just in time for our trip to Seoul (which I loved and promise to post about). The pouch is big enough to carry, a phone, passport, big Asian bills and coins! Family, you should be expecting similar gifts for Christmas. IMG_0676


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